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Having worked in public accounting for a number of years I have a very good understanding of the value of money.  How to spend it and, more importantly, how to save it.  As a loan officer with Trustmark my financial experience gives me the tools I need to help my customers get the best value for their dollar.  Finding the perfect home loan that fits my client's needs, at the best possible value, is the ultimate goal for every homebuyer I work for.  At Trustmark we can offer you a wide range of home financing options, customized to meet your needs exactly. 

If you're buying a new  home, or considering refinancing your current mortgage, call me and let me show you how I can help you save time and money with a customized home loan designed exclusively for you.

Choosing A Lender


Along with choosing a loan, you should consider the variety of sources for loans as they each offer advantages and disadvantages depending on the loan amount, the interest rate, your down payment amount, and much more.

Homeowners - You may find that the current homeowner is willing to offer financing in exchange for selling the home. This means that the seller becomes your lender. A common means of financing is for the seller to accept a down payment up front and then requires you to make monthly payments to the seller instead of a bank or other lender.



Attention: Buyers and Borrowers There IS A DIFFERENCE!


A lender is a specific lending institution, often times a bank or mortgage lender, that lends their OWN money. When they pre-qualify you they are using the actual, real time standards that institution has in place. A pre-qualification means something. An approval means something. It means the person that has the money has agreed to give it to you.

A mortgage BROKER does not have any money to lend. A pre-qualification means that they THINK they can get a loan for you SOMEWHERE. The approval from the actual lender will generally come at the very last moment, and when it does the loan program may look very different than what you originally discussed.

When getting loans was easy, using a mortgage broker offered an advantage because they could look at all the products available on the market, and (theoretically) find you the best loan available - no matter who was offering it.

But, today, with loans being harder and harder to obtain, and guidelines and programs changing by the minute, you need to be talking to someone as close to the source of money as possible. When lenders change guidelines or discontinue a loan program, it is their own people who learn of the changes first; and their own people who have opportunities to close loans in progress under those programs. Any broker planning to use the same exact loan program runs a higher risk of not being told as changes are taking place, and of the programs vanishing before the loan can be securely placed and approved. Plus, many lenders are considering brokered loans higher risk, since they do not know if that broker operates under the same standards that their employees do.

You also want to use only reputable lenders. By speaking to your real estate agent to get a referral... even if you're not buying, but just refinancing - ask your real estate agent for a referral to their most trusted lenders. Remember, without a good lender, a real estate agent may never close a deal. They need to keep lenders who are trustworthy and knowledgeable very, very close to them. Conversely, those loan originators work hard for those agents that are sending them business....they know that messing up ONE loan could cost them the potential of a lot of future business from that agent. As the consumer, you can benefit from that relationship.

In addition to mortgage lenders , most banks and credit unions also offer mortgage financing.

When selecting a lender or broker to finance your new home, be sure to do your homework on the company or institution. As interest rates have continued to decline, more and more lenders have appeared in the industry. As rates begin to increase, more and more of these new lenders may go out of business. Always check to make sure your lender is qualified and has the resources to service your note for the life of the loan.


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