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Your home is the single biggest investment you have. Don’t take for granted that your current insurance has you covered properly!


Here are some things you need to know:

·         While you do have some options, the smart way to insure your home is for its REPLACEMENT COST.  This is the amount necessary to reconstruct the home should you need to because of a covered claim.  Make sure that this is calculated using the most recent cost information for things such as asphalt shingles, copper wiring, lumber, etc.


·         Most home policies include EXTENDED REPLACEMENT coverage of 25% above this amount.  This is simply to make sure that should costs suddenly rise—lumber, paint, etc -- (as they often do following a natural disaster) that you still have enough to rebuild your home exactly as it is now.


·         In the event of a total loss where your home needs to be completely rebuilt the cost to prepare the lot for rebuilding comes out of the total DWELLING AMOUNT shown in the declarations.  Don’t be tempted to insure the home for less and then get caught extra short when the cost to get the lot ready is taken off the top!


·         Loss of Use Coverage pays for you to live elsewhere if you can’t live in your home because of a covered claim. This can be something as temporary as needing to move to a hotel while your heat pump is replaced because it was struck by lightning, or as extensive as needing to move to another rental home for several months after your home is destroyed. This covers rent and other incidental expenses. Don’t scrimp here!


·         Replacement Cost Coverage on your Personal Property is vital.  This means that your contents are covered for exactly what it costs you to replace them – not a ‘depreciated’ amount.


·         Explore higher deductible options as you look to reduce your premium. While many homeowners have gotten used to $500 deductibles in the past, the normal deductible these days is $1000. Many carry deductibles of $2500 or more.  Ask to see some options as you are pricing insurance.


·         Claim service should involve your agent AND your home insurance company.  Always call your agent when you have damage to your home. There should always be a discussion between you and your agent BEFORE any claim is presented. Some things are not covered or are likely to result in little or no claim payment because the amount is close to your deductible amount. It’s a smart move to decide whether or not to report a claim and this should involve your agent.  If he or she is unwilling to take the time to discuss these issues then find one who does!



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